Social Listening Strategy

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Leverage Valuable Insights From Your Social Media Followers

Use Social Listening to Protect Your Brand's Reputation

Social media is a powerful tool – if you understand how to actively monitor your channels and listen to users and followers, and even your detractors. With strategic social listening you can gain valuable insights that will give you a dynamic understanding of your audience, and help protect your brand from social media crises.

A social media crisis can strike at any time. A proactive social listening strategy gives you the ability to protect your brand’s online reputation 24/7. By engaging with users in real time you’ll have the tools and information necessary spot and diffuse potential crises before they put your brand’s reputation at risk.

Our InfoGuide, Social Listening Strategy: How to Monitor Social Media to Learn More About Your Customers, will teach you how to:

  • Garner brand sentiment
  • Make your social media customer service more visible and more effective
  • Respond quickly to crisis

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